Situated in the heart of Sydenham, close to the station, Kirkdale bookshop is a combination of award-winning bookshop and cultural hub. We have an extensive collection of new and second-hand books for all age groups and interests. Do come and see us!


Our publisher of the month for November is Galley Beggar Press. Founded in 2012 and based in Norwich, Galley Beggar Press is committed to publishing the most interesting and innovative writing they can find at home and abroad. The publishing of Eimear McBride’s Goldsmith’s Prize-winning novel A Girl is a Half-formed Thing in 2013 certainly qualifies and marks those at Galley Beggar Press as adventurous yet discerning readers. Other novels in the Galley Beggar Britain series include Francis Plug’s tragi-comic guide to writerly conduct How To Be A Public Author (written by Paul Ewen) and Jonathan Gibb’s satirical alternative history of the Young British Artists, Randall. We very much encourage you to give so interesting an independent publisher a go.

Galley Beggar Press is a company specifically set-up to act as a sponsor to writers who have struggled to either find or retain a publisher, and (most importantly) whose writing shows great ambition and literary merit. Our primary questions are not who someone is, or whether something is going to make it into the supermarkets. Rather, it’s whether this is an author we want, a novel we love. If the answer is yes on both counts – then, no matter how challenging a read the book is (or how obscure the author), we will set about bringing it to the widest possible public.

We have all of these and more in the shop: do come and discover the delights of Galley Beggar Press for yourself.

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