Situated in the heart of Sydenham, close to the station, Kirkdale bookshop is a combination of award-winning bookshop and cultural hub. We have an extensive collection of new and second-hand books for all age groups and interests. Do come and see us!

music at kirkdale bookshop HIGHER RESOLUTION

Between Heaven & Earth

Journey into an extraordinary sound world

Wednesday 19th August 2015

Doors: 7.30pm

trio of Simon, jeff and Michael copy

Local artist and performer Jeff Higley has played for many years with multiinstrumentalist/overtone singer Michael Ormiston and flautist Simon Desorgher of Colourscape. This unique performance features singing bowls, gongs, waterphone, bass flute, Mongolian horse-head fiddle, Indonesian anklungs, and Central Asian vocal overtone singing. Plus special guest.

The second in our new series of concerts promises to be haunting, beguiling and sometimes challenging.

In the interval the audience will have an opportunity

to examine and try the instruments.  

Tickets: £10 / £8 students/concessions (includes a glass of wine)

Space limited

Reservations: 020 8778 4701


272 Kirkdale, Sydenham, SE26 4RS

We have Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman!

Go Set a Watchman – Harper Lee.

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is on Wednesday 23rd September 2015 at 7.30pm
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Peter Jernigan’s life is slipping out of control. His wife’s gone, he’s lost his job and he’s a stranger to his teenage son. Worse, his only relief from all this reality – alcohol – is less effective by the day. And when the medicine doesn’t work, you up the dose. And when that doesn’t work, what then? (Apart from upping the dose again anyway, because who knows?)

Jernigan’s answer is to slowly turn his caustic wit on everyone around him – his wife Judith, his teenage son Danny, his vulnerable new girlfriend Martha and, eventually, himself – until the laughs have turned to mute horror. But while he’s busy burning every bridge back to the people who love him, Jernigan’s perverse charisma keeps us all in thrall to the bitter end.

Shot through with gin and irony, Jernigan is a funny, scary, mesmerising portrait of a man walking off the edge with his eyes wide open – wisecracking all the way.