Our next book group will be held on Thursday 30th September at 7:30pm – in the shop for the first time in over 18 months!

We will be discussing Triangulum by Masande Ntshanga

“In 2040, the South African National Space Agency receives a mysterious package containing a memoir and a set of digital recordings from an unnamed woman who claims the world will end in ten years. Assigned to the case, Dr Naomi Buthelezi, a retired professor and science fiction writer, is hired to investigate the veracity of the materials, and whether or not the woman’s claim to have heard from a “force more powerful than humankind” is genuine.

Thus begins TRIANGULUM, a found manuscript composed of the mysterious woman’s memoir and her recordings. Haunted by visions of a mysterious machine, the narrator is a seemingly adrift 17-year-old girl, whose sick father never recovered from the shock of losing his wife. She struggles to navigate school, sexual experimentation, and friendship across racial barriers in post-apartheid South Africa.”

There is no need to sign up for this event as there are currently no restrictions on group meetings. However, to get an idea about numbers we do advise just letting us know if you’d like to attend so we can make sure the space is going to work out for everyone. We are also asking for either proof of vaccination or a negative lateral flow test before entering so we can ensure the safety of everyone in attendance. 


“How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is!
O brave new world,
That has such people in it!”

Please contact us for any more info! 

As always, this book group is free and open for anyone to attend. We look forward to seeing you.



Past books from our LGBTQIA+ book group: