Our much loved Saturday morning Story Time is back – with a twist! Join us, with your little ones, on Saturday 22nd July, 10:30am to hear Isabel Greenberg read her new children’s picture book

In this fantastical bedtime adventure, babies from far and wide join forces to defy their ultimate nighttime nemesis: sleep! The babies have come from far and wide, crawling and walking and toddling and tumbling. These are the can’t-sleep babies, the won’t-sleep babies, the itchy-feet babies, the just-one-more-story-please babies.”Sleep! Sleep! Anywhere but Sleep!!!” sing the babies. And the quest of the Midnight Babies begins! Babies arise! In an epic quest to stay awake, the Midnight Babies must overcome sleepy temptation: battling the forces of Slumberland, venturing through the Forest of Nightlights and the Sea of Stories, voyaging through the Garden of Lullabies to the Rockabye River, and even through the dreaded Land of Nodoff.

But can they resist their greatest challenge: the Cuddle?

Isabel is a bestselling local author-illustrator and we can’t wait to hear the story followed by some fun activities!

Suitable for ages 2+
Copies of the book will be available for purchase after!