If you would like to order directly through us then please call us on
020 8778 4701, email us at mail@kirkdalebookshop.com or contact us on social media! We are open 9:30am-4pm Monday- Saturday and can usually have books here within 24 hours so do let us know if you’d like anything!

We are currently working to set up our website so that we can sell online! If you are unable to order through us directly then, why not visit our page on bookshop.org? – an exciting new online shopping service that supports indie bookshops by giving them a cut of the sale every time you order through them!

Please note, any books ordered through bookshop.org will be delivered directly to your door, you will not be able to collect them from the shop.

The Gothic Library is a Bookshop.org Affiliate! | The Gothic Library

CLICK HERE to access our bookshop.org page

We can also be found on HIVE! – a similar organisation that sells gifts, CDS and DVDs (as well as books) – set up to support indie bookshops. You can nominate your favourite bookshop on HIVE and every sale made gives us a cut of the sale too. You also have the option of ordering to collect at the shop or to have the books delivered to you!


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